how many miles to train for half marathon

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13.1 miles

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  • How long does it take to train for a half marathon?

  • Training for a half marathon will require running at least three days a week. One of those days will be your long training run. Your long run will gradually increase during the training, topping out at 10 to 12 miles (for beginners).

  • What should I do before training for a half marathon?

  • Before training, it’s a good idea to get your gait checked. We’ve rounded up the best men’s and women’s running shoes here. Aimed at getting you round your first half-marathon, this 12-week training plan builds you up to running 20.1 miles per week, to get you round your first 13.1 miles comfortably.

  • How many times a week should I run a half marathon?

  • For your first half marathon, it’s enough to run just four times weekly. Twice you should do a faster run with sprints, and twice weekly you should do an easier maintenance run.

  • How to run a half marathon ?is it possible?

  • How to run a half marathon ?half marathon training plans for every runner. Running 13.1 miles is possible for most runners – if you can do a 10K, you can do a half. It’s an achievable challenge, as it’s easier to fit the training into a busy life than it is for a marathon, says British elite and RW contributing editor Jo Pavey.

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