how many packs are in an elite trainer box

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  • What’s inside the Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer box?

  • The Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Box is filled with everything you need to battle right now! There are 8 booster packs inside to expand your collection, many extra items to enhance your Pokemon TCG experience including card sleeves and a player’s guide, along with a collector’s box to hold everything in.

  • What are the best Elite Trainer boxes?

  • Celebrations Elite Trainer Box Shining Fates: Elite Trainer Box Sword Shield 5 Battle Styles: Elite Tr… Sword Shield 6 Chilling Reign: Elite T… Sword Shield 7 Evolving Skies Elite Tr… Sword Shield 8 Fusion Strike: Elite Tr… Venusaur V Blastoise V Battle Deck Bun… Venusaur V / Blastoise V Battle Deck (On…

  • What’s in the Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer box?

  • Shacknews head of video Greg Burke is our resident Pokemon TCG expert and is the man you see in our latest unboxing. In the video, Greg cracks open the Brilliant Stars Elite Trainer Box, which features the all-powerful Arceus on the cover. Based on the Sword and Shield series, this box features some of the newest cards in the Pokemon TCG.

  • How long does it take to get the Elite Trainer box?

  • With standard shipping rates, the Elite Trainer Box is set to be released alongside the Astral Radiance set on May 27. It will take approximately 5-9 business days for delivery. This is likely one of the final expansion releases before the TCG focuses on the franchise’s upcoming ninth generation.

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