how much are metra train tickets to chicago

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Metra operates a distance-based fare system consisting of ten fare zones. Regular one-way fares to downtown Chicago range from$4 from the closest zone,Zone A,to $9.50 from the farthest,Zone J.

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  • Where can I buy Metra tickets in Chicago?

  • On the Metra Electric Line, tickets at the busiest non-downtown stations are available through vending machines. All Metra tickets can also be purchased on your Apple or Android smartphone with the free Ventra app, available in the App Store or Google Play.

  • How do I purchase a Metra military fare ticket?

  • Military fare tickets are sold only at Metra ticket offices or on trains. Full time students enrolled in a grade school or high school can purchase a reduced One-Way, 10-Ride or Monthly Pass.

  • How much does an Amtrak train to Chicago cost?

  • For the ultimate way to save time and money on your trip planning, Amtrak Vacations has package deals for vacation getaways including a 3-day Chicago Getaway starting at $329. But even without deals and promotions, an Amtrak train to Chicago can cost as little as $8.25 (e.g. from Hammond-Whiting, IN).

  • When can I buy a Metra monthly pass?

  • (Monthly Passes are only sold between the 20th and the 12th.) Prices are displayed for each ticket type between the stations you selected. (You can buy reduced fare Metra mobile tickets, but when you use them you must present proper documentation to the conductor to prove your eligibility.)

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