how much do train conductors make

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  • How much money does a railway conductor make?

  • Conductors working in the most common industry, rail transportation, earned $64,260 a year on average. State governments, which employed only 80 conductors and yardmasters, offered the highest average salary of $93,520.

  • How much does a train conductor make at BNSF?

  • However, the average salary for a train or railroad conductor at BNSF Railway for a railroad conductor is around $77,000/year, followed by Union Pacific with $73,000/year, AmTrak with $71,000/year and CSX Transportation $70,000/year. A Train conductor salary will vary greatly depending on your experience and the company you work for.

  • What does a train conductor do?

  • Working on trains carrying freight or people, train conductors may either assist with cargo or ensure that passengers’ needs and safety are addressed. They work on a team with other railroad workers to ensure the train runs according to its schedule and make any necessary announcements along the way.

  • How long does it take to become a railroad conductor?

  • Education Requirements. This training program usually is between one and three months long and prepares you to handle cargo, provide customer service, keep passengers safe and handle ticketing. You’ll need to earn conductor certification through the Federal Railroad Administration for positions where you work for a commuter,…

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