how much does a train engine cost

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The diesel-electric powered locomotives are the most widely used enginesfor pulling freight,in the United States. The cost of such a locomotive is between $1,200,000 ?$2,200,000,depending on the manufacturer,model and type. Diesel-Electric Locomotives comes in three varieties.

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  • How much does a locomotive train cost?

  • When it comes to locomotives, you also have to consider the price difference between DC and AC powered trains. Trains can cost anywhere from $2,000 for an old box car all the way up to a few million for a brand new locomotive. It all depends on what you need for your situation as to how much your train will cost.

  • How to estimate the cost of a train car?

  • However, there isn’t a good way to estimate a set number since trains range so much from one to another. Instead it’s important to focus on how much your train car may cost, and calculating your total cost based on train type.

  • How much fuel does it cost to run a train?

  • An HST set uses roughly 7.2 litres of fuel per mile. At a red diesel price of 60p/l that 4.32. At the very least, it would be very useful to know the relative costs of different sizes of train, e.g. how many times as much does it cost to run a 12 coach train as it does to run an 8 coach train?

  • How heavy is a train?

  • How heavy a train is relates to mainly how many cars the locomotive is pulling. A train car weighs between 30-80 tons. Passenger cars like sleepers coaches are heavier than an empty freight car. A train consists of locomotives and cars. In some situations there can be up to 6-8 locomotives for one train, depending on the load and number of cars.

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