how much does crst pay after training

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  • How does CRST pay for the schooling?

  • CRST will pay for the schooling up front and in return, you’ll sign a contract stating you’ll stay employed with them for a minimum of 10 months. Students who participate in this program will start at a lower pay scale as follows: Note: You will be running team so the mileage will be split between the two drivers.

  • How much does CSRT pay for training?

  • CSRT will pay the cost of your background checks. Your breakfast and lunch is paid for during each day of training. If you so choose, you can pre-pay your own tuition at a cost of $2500 before school starts. Pre-pay students do not have to sign a contract. You檒l make 22 cents per mile split during your OTR training.

  • How much does it cost to become a CRST truck driver?

  • The upfront cost of tuition is $2,500, so if you have the funds to pay for schooling, it recommended that you do so to earn higher pay at the start of your employment. CRST Trucking hauls mostly team-based freight, so you檒l be driving with a partner for at least the first year. In fact, only 12% of CRST drivers are solo.

  • Is CRST a good company to work for?

  • Family owned, CRST is the country largest team carrier, and they train thousands of new drivers each year. If you檙e a trucker (or aspiring trucker) that doesn mind driving a company truck, the CRST pay scale offers competitive per mile earnings and excellent benefits.

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