how much is heavy equipment operator training

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  • How long does heavy equipment operator school take?

  • Most heavy equipment operator schools are at least three weeks long. However, it not uncommon to find training programs that are eight weeks long. The duration of the program often depends on class size and the number of equipment available. Smaller class sizes can usually finish quicker because there are fewer people to go through training.

  • Why IUOE heavy equipment operator training?

  • Clearly, an annual investment of this size shows how firmly IUOE local unions and IUOE signatory contractors believe in maintaining a well-trained, safe and productive work force. IUOE heavy equipment operator training schools and stationary training programs are second to none.

  • How much do heavy equipment operators make?

  • The lowest 10 percent of heavy equipment operators make about $29, 710 while the top 10 percent of heavy equipment operators can make about $81,640. This range varies on the type of tasks being performed, the equipment being used, and the certifications you have as an operator.

  • Who needs a heavy equipment school certification?

  • Anyone who is involved in the construction industry, or other related sectors, needs certification from a heavy equipment school so that they can further their career. These careers can be high-paying if the right program of training is received from a quality member school.

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