how to apply for bus driver training

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  • How do I become a school bus driver?

  • Your first step is to apply to a school district so that their bus company can begin training you so that you pass all of the necessary tests and get out on the road as soon as possible. Use my free job board to find unique, local bus driving jobs where you live.

  • What licence do I need to drive a bus?

  • There are special licensing requirements to become a Bus Driver, which may vary depending on the state licensing authority. Obtain a state-issued unrestricted drivers?licence, and then apply and qualify for a special licence that allows you to drive larger vehicles such as buses.

  • How can I Teach First Aid to school bus drivers?

  • School bus driver first aid can be taken from American Red Cross or an EMSA approved program. I檇 like to submit a training program for review, to teach first aid to school bus drivers. How can I do this? You will need to submit a complete application , all course materials for your training program and application fee of $500.

  • Is it possible to be a part-time school bus driver?

  • If being part-time is okay with you and your circumstances than being a school bus driver is a great option. The first step to becoming a school bus driver is to apply to a school district for the school bus driver position. If you need help finding a school district to apply to in your area then use my free job board to find a ton of them.

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