how to beat anti raiden shogun training

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The trick to avoid being hit by the finishing move in the Anti-Raiden Shogun training is todestroy one of the electro crystals as quickly as possible. You can use characters like Xiangling,Fischl,Klee,or others to preemptively place your damage dealers in the locations where the crystals spawn.

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  • How do I beat the anti-Raiden Shogun training?

  • As the timer for the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training draws near to zero, several orbs will appear. Players must destroy one of these orbs very quickly in order to avoid being hit by the device finishing move, and fast damage is key here.

  • What is the Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact anti-Raiden Shogun training?

  • The device/totem in Genshin Impact 榮 Anti-Raiden Shogun Training quest has several attacks that mirror the capabilities of the Raiden Shogun. The goal is to avoid most of these. If you pick the regular training session, you can get hit more than 10 times. If you choose the final challenge variant, you can take more than three hits.

  • Where is the anti-Raiden Shogun training challenge in Inazuma?

  • The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training challenge is located in Inazuma in between Konda Village and Chinju Forest, and the quest is given by Yae Miko. Players will see a small pillar in a grassy field which is used to activate the challenge.

  • How many times can you get hit in anti martial Shogun training?

  • The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training is meant to prepare players for the real fight, but completing the training can be difficult, especially for players attempting the final challenge. In the regular challenge, players can get hit 10 times, but the final challenge only allows players to be hit three times before failing.

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