how to become a killer whale trainer

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  • What happened to the whale that killed the trainer?

  • Chillingly, the captive whale killed his trainer and then refused to release her body. For 45 minutes, he kept Dawn’s broken body on the pool with him, despite attempts from the other trainers to distract him with nets and food.

  • How do I become a dolphin trainer?

  • To be a successful dolphin trainer, you will need to have an academic background in behavioral and biological sciences, the necessary experience and training, and the willingness to work hard. Understand the career prospects of the role.

  • How long do killer whales live in the wild?

  • In the wild, killer whales live to between 50 and 80, where in captivity their life expectancy is around 17 years. Jeffrey left the job in 1995 and John quit in 2012, with both realising the negative impact the industry was having on both trainers and whales.

  • What are the expectations of a dolphin trainer?

  • Be aware of the role expectations for a dolphin trainer. As a trainer, your typical work day may include preparing the dolphin meals, feeding them, and cleaning their tanks. Dolphins need at least three meals a day: morning, midday, and afternoon.

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