how to buy a trained service dog

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  • How do I get a service dog?

  • Of course, if you are looking for a specially trained service dog, you should fill out an application with a local training organization. Remember that trained dogs come with their own challenges. Be patient with your new dog as you both learn about each others’ habits, personalities, and behaviors.

  • How many dogs should you see before buying a service dog?

  • Remember, you need to see at least 100 dogs someone trained, photos of trained dogs to substantiate their claims before you buy, otherwise it probably is fake service dogs and you will be sorry later. Companies with service dogs for sale you want to do business with and buy a trained dog from are going to have a lot of trained dogs to show you.

  • How much does it cost to train a service dog?

  • A service dog receives an average of 600 hours of training and costs most service dog organizations in the US between $30,000 to $40,000 to train one service dog. To mitigate the cost, some people opt to train the dogs themselves with the help of a certified dog trainer.

  • Can a service dog be house trained?

  • With additional training, some even can become Anxiety Relief working dogs, Therapy Dog or Service Dogs House trained, crate trained and able to travel well in a car. It is critical that each new owner has the necessary training to transition and continue on with a balanced life with their new pooch.

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