how to choose a waist trainer size

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Measure your waistThis is the most important measurement in choosing the right size for your waist trainer. To get the most accurate measurements,you檒l need to find your natural waist. Bend your torso on one side and find the deepest fold on your waist.

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  • How tight or loose should a waist trainer be?

  • For waist trainers/ cinchers made of stretch fabrics, the measurement should be rather tight, and vice versa. TIP: There may be a size variation of up to 2 cm when ordering, which means your trainer may be + / ?2 cm from the exact inch size inch listed in the size chart.

  • How do I find my waist trainer size chart?

  • Follow each garment size chart closely; you檒l find it located at the bottom of each product description. Note that some brands?measurements may vary, so be sure to check the specific waist trainer size chart every time. For all measurements, use a fabric or vinyl measuring tape and keep it level with the ground.

  • What size waist trainer/cincher do I Need?

  • Waist trainer/ Cincher are sized by waist measurement, in 2-inch increments. For example, the right cincher size for women with a waist measurement of 31 to 33 inches will be a medium. NOTE: If you are closer to the tighter end of the measurement it would be recommended to go to the larger option and then train your waist down to the smaller size.

  • How to train your waistline?

  • When it comes to training your waistline, the simplest way to go about it is with a waist trainer or corset as it is more commonly known. Often associated with period drama movies, corsets are still widely used today to help women create that ideal 榟ourglass?figure.

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