how to copyright a training course

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  • How do I copyright my training material?

  • Go to and click on the Electronic Copyright office link. Create an account. The Copyright Office will require a contact name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Register your training material by clicking Register a New Claim in your account page. This will re-direct you to the application for submitting new claims.

  • Can I submit my copyrighted materials to other countries?

  • Many countries have agreements to honor each other copyrighted materials. Some countries do not have a copyright submission process, but recognize outside for-profit and non-profits companies that accept copyright submissions. It might be called a opyright office?or an 渋ntellectual property (IP) office?in your country.

  • How to protect your intellectual property in online courses?

  • 11 Ways To Protect Your Intellectual Property in Online Courses 1. Get a Trademark 2. Print mail your content to yourself 3. Time stamp your content 4. Show your face 5. Watermark your content 6. Make it common knowledge 7. Keep an eye out for duplicates of your content 8. Have a Copyright Policy

  • What should I do with my copyright number after getting it?

  • Once you get your copyright number back from the government, put it on everything: your website (if you copyrighted it), your forms, your student/group materials, etc. Let people clearly know that you have an official date stamp of when you created your materials in case someone copies your work.

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