how to create a certified training program

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  • How to create a certification program for your organization?

  • Whether it Internal certification or external, creating a certification program is an arduous process that is time and cost-intensive. Here are the top tasks related to creating a certification program: Course Content and Exam Content: This part is best done by the organization or body conducting the certification.

  • How do I develop a training program?

  • Develop a training plan that outlines in detail how training will be conducted. This includes the training program schedule, key learning objectives and a list of the available resources List the training materials that you would need such as videos, training modules, images etc. Divide individual learning objectives into separate modules.

  • Do you need training to become a Certified Professional?

  • Some certification programs do not require training at all, providing individuals with the option to forgo training and skip straight to the assessment in order to achieve certification. To be successful, certification programs require the direct support of upper management.

  • What is the difference between training and certification programs?

  • While certification programs fall under the training umbrella, there are some relatively distinct differences between these types of programs and typical training programs. Certification programs generally include an assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).

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