how to create a certified training program

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  • How to create an employee training program?

  • Follow these steps to start creating your employee training program: 1. Assess training needs Assessing the needs of the workplace requires following these steps: The purpose of training should be clear as well as supportive.

  • What is the difference between training and certification programs?

  • While certification programs fall under the training umbrella, there are some relatively distinct differences between these types of programs and typical training programs. Certification programs generally include an assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).

  • What is the approach to developing certification programs?

  • The approach to developing certification programs should and does differ from that of more general training programs. At a minimum, forethought must be used in identifying all of the KSAs that are critical to a profession and determining methods for assessing their presence in individuals seeking to become certified in that profession.

  • Why should you create a certification program?

  • Creating a certification program is another opportunity for ongoing engagement. 3. Create Another Stream of Revenue Monetizing your certification course (if you choose to do so) will open up another stream of revenue for your business.

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