how to do strength training at home

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Stand with your feet hip- to shoulder-width apart,holding a dumbbell in each hand.Brace your core,push your hip …Let the dumbbells hang at arms …Without moving your torso,and while keeping your chin and elbows tucked and back flat,row the weights to the outsides of your ribcage as you squeeze your shoulder blades …Pause,and then lower the weights back to the starting position.

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  • How can I start strength training at home?

  • You can start strength training at home with no-equipment exercises ?you might be surprised how challenging a bodyweight workout can be! If you commit to this style of training, you might also decide to get a few pieces of home gym equipment.

  • What are the benefits of strength training at home?

  • Strength training can help you to burn more energy at rest, as well as improving your muscular strength and endurance. It can even help you to increase and maintain bone density. When you train at home, you can focus on moving through the exercises at your own pace and maximise the time allocated to your workout.

  • What is the best way to build muscle at home?

  • Free weights or resistance bands can increase the difficulty of exercises, and there are plenty of workout options for small spaces. Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics also help maintain and build your stamina and strength. Can you get results with strength training at home? Yes, you definitely can!

  • How can I build strength and progress my fitness level?

  • As with gym-based training, proper nutrition and recovery will help to maximise your training, helping you to build strength and progress your fitness. There is a range of strength-focused at-home programs on Sweat that you can try, including PWR at Home, LIFTING at Home, FIERCE at Home and High Intensity Strength at Home with Cass .

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