how to draw train

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To draw a train,sketch a cylinder horizontally across the page,and add a rectangle to the back of the cylinder with a trapezoid on top of it. Then,draw three rectangles on the top of the cylinder with a funnel on the front rectangle.

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  • How to draw a train in AutoCAD?

  • Draw two slanted lines off the bottom of the shape and connect them with a straight line. This will be the front of the train. 4. On the bottom right corner of your drawing, add a line for the bottom of the train. 5. Complete the shape of the train by drawing the back and top (Step 6)

  • How do you draw a train on paper?

  • Draw two lines from the large rectangle to the edge of your paper to make your train very long for the body. Draw a set of lines for the front and side windows of the train.

  • How to draw a train in SketchUp?

  • Sketch a rough outline of the train using rectangles and squares. Add the wheels using circles, make the third wheel bigger than the rest. Erase the lines in the middle of each circle and add windows using squares. Add details to the wheels by drawing smaller circles inside each wheel.

  • Can you draw an entire train?

  • Drawing an entire train is a three-in-one drawing tutorial ?one for the locomotive, one for the tender coal car and one for the passenger wagon. As usual, the base sketches are simple circles and rectangles.

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