how to ev train in pokemon diamond

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  • How do you EV train in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

  • 鈽?Best Battle Tower Team (100 Win Streak!) EV train your Pokemon fast by getting Pokerus, Power Items, and using Vitamins. Read on to learn how to EV train your Pokemon fast, how to reset EVs, and the best locations for EV training in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

  • How do you train EVs in the Pokemon remakes?

  • There are essentially three different methods when it comes to EV training in the Gen IV remakes. In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you are not limited in your ability to use vitamins. Each vitamin drink will give 10 EVs in a specific stat.

  • How many EVS do you need to train a Pokemon?

  • A common method of training is to max out two stats with 252 EVs and then place the remaining 6 in another stat. TLDR: EVs help your Pokmon get stronger. By EV training your Pokmon, you can boost their stats significantly. Sadly, the makers of Pokmon won’t just tell you how many EVs a Pokmon has in a specific stat, at least not numerically.

  • How do you get more EVs in Pokemon Emerald?

  • Find the EV you want to train, and then locate the Pokmon in that region. Each time you defeat them, you檒l gain two EVs in the specific stat they specialize in. Since Pokmon can only have a maximum of 510 EVs spread throughout all six stats, you may want to reset your EVs to maximize your stats.

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