how to facilitate virtual training

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Another way to promote virtual collaboration training is tocreate homework and group work. Have teams read material as pre-work so they come to the meeting prepared and less time is wasted during the meeting itself to get the group in sync.

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  • What are the best practices for virtual classroom training?

  • Here are some virtual training best practices to make your VILT work: Ensure you have a feature-rich modern platform for your virtual classroom or VILT. An ideal one would support easy access, screen share, integration of different learning assets, polling, hand raising, breakout areas, and so on.

  • How to upskill your facilitators for virtual instructor-led training (vilt)?

  • While their already established professional training skills will transfer to an online setting, delivering a virtual instructor-led training (VILT) course requires some measure of upskilling. Here are five areas to upskill your facilitators in for VILT. 1. Multitasking Effectively

  • What makes a good virtual trainer?

  • Being a skilled facilitator or subject matter expert (SME) in a traditional classroom setting does not automatically translate to being an excellent teacher in the virtual space. Experienced classroom trainers can become even better virtual trainers. They just need to be able to transfer their teaching skills to the virtual space.

  • How can facilitators support learning in a virtual space?

  • Learning in a virtual space might be a new concept for some participants, so facilitators should work to make them feel comfortable as quickly as possible. They will need to take the time to help learners adjust to the new learning platform before having them use it in an activity.

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