how to get into nfl training camp

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  • What happens at NFL training camps?

  • These training camps offer new players an opportunity to meet new teammates and acclimate themselves to the systems. But for veterans, this is a time to get back into shape. Unlike football OTA, NFL Training Camps are mandatory for all players.

  • What is the NFL athletic training?

  • The NFL Training Camp refers to a time of thorough workout activities that lead to a regular season. The NFL-NFLPA deems the NFL Athletic Training as the entire period from the start of the camp to the last weekend before the season begins in a given league year.

  • What are NFL training camps and OTAs?

  • For millions of football fans around the globe, the cycle of excitement moves from the Super Bowl to the NFL Scouting Combine, the OTAs and the NFL Training Camp- in that order. Essentially, NFL Training Camps and OTAs are offseason practices and drills meant to recharge everyone before the following season.

  • What are the new NFL camp rules for 2020?

  • They’ll represent a hybrid between the tightly restricted version we saw in 2020, as the league began its journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the traditional structure from 2019 and earlier. Fans will be allowed at camp, but they must stay at least 20 feet away from players and can’t seek autographs.

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