how to get into nfl training camp

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  • How do you get into the NFL?

  • Getting your high school diploma is a requirement for playing on the NFL, so study hard and plan to graduate. Gain exposure at a university football camp. Sports camps are a great way to connect with and get noticed by university coaches.

  • What will NFL training camps look like this summer?

  • NFL training camps this summer will be unlike any other in league history. They’ll represent a hybrid between the tightly restricted version we saw in 2020, as the league began its journey through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the traditional structure from 2019 and earlier.

  • When does NFL training camp 2017 start?

  • The NFL will welcome back their players to NFL Training Camp and we檒l have fans live coverage beginning on Tuesday, July 26, and going through Wednesday, August 11.

  • What happens on the first day of NFL training camp?

  • The first day is deemed a conditioning day. Days 2-3 are no-contact, with players wearing helmets. Players can add shells on Days 4-5, still without contact, and are off on Day 6. Full-pad practices with contact can begin on Day 7. Do players still have to pass multiple COVID-19 tests to get into the team facility?

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