how to get super secret training oras

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  • How do you get secret super training?

  • In addition to that, there’s a several bags that can aid in other ways, but these bags are very rare If you are using a Pokmon who has got maximum Effort Values, you will gain access to Secret Super Training. This mode gives you 12 more mini-games to play, with increasing difficulty.

  • How does Super Training work in Pokemon Go?

  • In Super Training, your Pokemon will undergo in 淪uper Training Regimens? These mini-games or regimens boosts specific stats of the Pokemon. The amount of stat boosted will depend on the level of the regimen. All regimen starts at LV1 and will be unlocked as you complete LV2 and LV3 regimens.

  • What are the Super training regimens?

  • The Super Training Regimens are mini-games to train each Pokemon. The first time you start up Super Training, your Pokemon will begin two tutorial mini-games that boost their defense stat. Once complete, six mini-games will be available to train one of six Base Stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.

  • Can a Pokemon with a reset bag do secret super training?

  • Once a Pokmon is eligible for Secret Super Training it retains that distinction permanently; reducing its EVs (e.g. using a Reset Bag) does not disqualify it from participating in Secret Super-Training Regimens. Lv. The Troubles Keep on Coming?!

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