how to get super secret training oras

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  • How do you get secret super training?

  • In addition to that, there’s a several bags that can aid in other ways, but these bags are very rare If you are using a Pokmon who has got maximum Effort Values, you will gain access to Secret Super Training. This mode gives you 12 more mini-games to play, with increasing difficulty.

  • When can I create my own super secret base?

  • When can I first create my own Super Secret Base? Between your third and fourth gym badges, when you reach the Northern half of Route 111, you’ll receive the TM Secret Power, which is needed to create a Secret Base.

  • Can a Pokemon with a reset bag do secret super training?

  • Once a Pokmon is eligible for Secret Super Training it retains that distinction permanently; reducing its EVs (e.g. using a Reset Bag) does not disqualify it from participating in Secret Super-Training Regimens. Lv. The Troubles Keep on Coming?!

  • How do I increase my super secret base rank?

  • How do I increase my Super Secret Base rank? Collect flags from other players’ Secret Bases. For each Base, you can collect its flag once each day. Also, when you invite Secret Pals to your Base and talk to them, they may give you some of the flags they’ve collected.

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