how to get the sky train pass in brick bronze

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  • How do you get the rail pass in Pokemon platinum?

  • Go back to Virdinain and go to one on the houses (should have pokemon and people in it) talk to the guy sitting next to the clefairy. He will give you the doll, give it to copycat and she’ll give you the rail pass.

  • How to get to the Sky Train in GTA 5 online?

  • To board the Sky Train, players must have a Sky Train Pass, which will not be acquired until they finished the plot in Anthian City, so they must first go through Cragonos Mines on foot to reach the flying capital. This section contains spoilers!

  • How do you get the rail pass in the power plant?

  • Top Voted Answer After you finish the Power Plant quest, talk to the Mimic Girl to find out her Pokedoll is missing. Then go to Vermilion and talk to the Guy next to what looks like a Clefairy and he will give it to you. Take it back to the girl in Saffron and she will give you the Rail Pass.

  • How do I get the rail card?

  • Retrieve the pokedoll found in a city that red gave to the mimic girl. She should give you the rail card then. I don’t remember where it is though. most_games_r_ok – 12 years ago – report 6 7 You have to go the the Copaycat girl’s house in Saffron and talk to her. She ill ask you to retreive her doll.

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