how to get to moynihan train hall

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Getting Here Moynihan Train Hall is conveniently locateddirectly across 8th Avenue from the existing Penn Station complex and Madison Square Garden,and offers the same easy access to the A,C,E and 1,2,3 subway lines and local bus services,as well as CitiBike,taxi and rideshare services right outside the Train Hall.

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  • Is Amtrak at Moynihan Train Hall?

  • Though Amtrak maintains a presence at Penn Station, Moynihan Train Hall is our new home in New York City. Where is Moynihan Train Hall? 8th Avenue between W 31st and W 33rd Street, directly across from Penn Station.

  • Where is the Metropolitan Lounge at Moynihan Station?

  • Ditto for the new station plush Metropolitan Lounge, located on Moynihan upper south balcony. Exclusively for Acela First Class and sleeping car passengers, it offers an elevated vantage point of a bustling station unlike vistas in any other U.S. venue. Which way on the platform?

  • What is the difference between Moynihan and Penn Station?

  • Arriving Amtrak passengers must decide which station they want to pass through. Ticketing and baggage claim is only available at Moynihan, while Penn is closer to subways, offers NJ Transit connections, and has numerous food choices (Starbucks is the only concession currently open at the new facility).

  • Why can NJ Transit use Moynihan Station on Long Island?

  • The Long Island has a separate concourse for its commuters, while NJ Transit built an additional ticketing and waiting area to take pressure off the concourse it shares with Amtrak. Since they wouldn have access to all tracks, NJT customers can depart from Moynihan.

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