how to get to poconos by train

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  • How to get to the Poconos from NYC?

  • Some NYC residents and those coming from slightly outside of the city are more likely to have cars and road trip from NYC to the Poconos. Simply gas up, put on your favorite binge-worthy podcast, and enjoy the sights along Interstate 80 West for about two hours. The Poconos are a great escape from city life!

  • Would you rather take the bus or road trip to Mount Pocono?

  • Would You Rather: Bus Trip or Road Trip? It 107 miles of the open road from New York to the Poconos. That translates to about a two-hour drive by car. However, NYC residents might fare better taking the bus from New York to Mount Pocono.

  • Where are the Pocono Mountains?

  • The Pocono Mountains are nestled right in your own backyard no matter what area of New York State you live in! Discover the best ways to get here, what to do, and where to stay below.

  • What is it like to live in the Poconos?

  • Despite the relatively short distance, the Poconos can seem like an entirely different world攊n place of busy, noisy streets and tall buildings there are pristine natural environments filled with gorgeous trees, rivers, lakes, and views. So, what is the best way to get from Philadelphia to the Poconos?

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