how to hand train parakeets

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How to Train Parakeet to Step Up?Slowly reach your hand into the parakeet cage and bring your forefinger broadened.Press your finger delicately against his abdomen lower part and talk to him by saying step up or come on. …When he steps onto your finger,offer him a snack of millet and start talking to him like he understands you.You can work this quickly by setting your other finger in front of the finger that the bird is sitting on but a little higher and then again talk to …Repeat this interaction a couple more times as long as your Parakeet doesn appear to be stressed. …

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  • How to train a parakeet to eat from your hand?

  • Take the same patience and time approach to get your budgie eating from your hand. First, offer the millet to them where they sit on their perch. Then you can train your parakeet to step up onto your finger. Hold the spray in one hand and with the other, bump one finger up against their legs and belly until they step up onto your finger.

  • How do you train a parakeet to open its cage?

  • Whether the bird is inside or outside the cage remember to keep your hand near the base of the parakeets feet. This parakeet is already trained, but note how the finger is pushing against the parakeets belly to make it step up. At the end of the second day, begin by opening your parakeet’s cage. If it comes out on its own, that’s half the battle.

  • How do I get my parakeet to come to me?

  • Start by placing your hand into the parakeet cage several times a day so it learns not to be afraid of your hand. Once it gets used to you, hold a treat in your hand whenever you reach into the cage. Hold your finger near the bird perch, then gently nudge its chest to encourage it to step onto your hand.

  • How do I get my parakeet to stop perching on my finger?

  • Move your finger closer to the end of the dowel. Place the dowel and your finger near its feet. When your parakeet begins to step onto your finger instead of the perch, you can get rid of the perch entirely. Make sure you keep your finger straight, as if the perch is still in place underneath your finger.

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