how to heat train hair

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How can I heat train my hair? Start bysetting your flatiron or blow-dryerto the lowest possible setting攇entle heat is best to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Next,apply a heat protectant to hair. Look for natural-hair products that help seal in moisture. Next, using clips and combs, section your hair into manageable chunks.

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  • Should you heat train your natural hair?

  • Heat training natural hair comes with quite a few benefits. If your hair is prone to those pesky single-strand knots or detangling feels like an extra chore, heat training when done right might help. Heat training natural hair is a great way to have diversity in your styling.

  • What is heat training?

  • How To Care for Hair While Heat Training When people talk about heat training, they’re typically referring to the process of repeatedly straightening natural hair with heat. Most often, training is achieved with a hot comb, old-fashioned Marcel iron or, most commonly, a flat iron.

  • How often do hairdressers heat Train Your Hair?

  • They might do this anywhere from once a week to once every few weeks. Over time, the idea is that the bonds in the hair weaken, so hair becomes less and less likely to revert. However, with the right routine (and stylist), heat training hair without damage while maintaining your curls (even if they’re more relaxed) is possible.

  • Should you blow dry your hair straight or straighten it?

  • Blow dry heat does not trap heat within your hair; however, a flat iron does. So you want to do more work, in the beginning, to blow-dry your hair straight so that less work is needed from the flat iron. Does Heat Training Damage Natural Hair?

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