how to install trainer mod gta 4

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  • What version of GTA IV does the trainer work?

  • Trainer fixed for version of GTA IV. A lot of people can’t get the trainer to work on this version and no one gave a solution, but now it works.

  • Are there any changes to the INI in GTA 5?

  • No Ini Changes. -added 500 more saved car slots, a total of 1000 now. -the saved car is now displayed at all times for slots in the vehcicle load/save menu. -added 520 additional slots for license plates, a total of 600 add-on license plates are now possible, before just 80.

  • What version of the trainer works with the controller?

  • The trainer works on both Complete Edition and downgraded version (v1.0.7.0). It supports controllers and will receive various updates this year. Fixed search functionality in Animations menu.

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