how to make a train tunnel out of cardboard

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Tunnels ?create tunnels bycutting the tops off of cardboard boxes and turning them upside down. Cut archways on two sides Track ?cut pieces of cardboard and tape them together to make the track. Draw lines on them for the railroad ?optional

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  • How do you Make Your trains look like they are tunneling?

  • It needs to show the audiences that your trains are coming and going from somewhere to somewhere. When you include any tunnel and it seems the train appear from a tunnel or hidden valley etc. It looks more realistic and also seems it just traveling around in a circle. You can purchase tunnel or can make your own.

  • How do you make a train out of cardboard?

  • Cut a piece of cardboard that is about 8 inches long (as long as the width of your paper), and about 1 inch wider than your wooden train tracks. (about 3 inches). 3. Fold the top and bottom 2 inches of your paper over in the same direction. Glue each of these sides with a hot glue gun to the bottom of your cardboard.

  • How do you make a tunnel out of construction paper?

  • Take a piece of black, brown or gray cardstock, or construction paper, cut it to the proper size and insert the rolled cardstock into one end of the tunnel. Allow the cardstock to unfold and position it in order that it creates rounded within walls for the top of the tunnel.

  • How to make a train tunnel out of Styrofoam?

  • Take the inch thick sheet of Styrofoam and use a sharp knife to cut it and match the form of a tunnel portal. You should make sure that you have enough clearance for all your train equipment to get through the portal.

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