how to motivate your client as a personal trainer

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How to Motivate a Client as a Personal TrainerKeep your clients motivated by focusing on their short-term victories as opposed to long-term goals.Never make hyperinflated promises that will end in disappointment.When engaging with clients,always be yourself.

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  • What motivates personal trainers?

  • Some would say that getting and staying in shape is 90% motivation ?with the reminder being hard work and nutrition! With this in mind, it your job as a personal trainer to keep your clients motivated and on a positive path toward betterment. Check out these 6 ways to motivate your personal training clients.

  • How to motivate your clients to train?

  • The instant gratification from completing a small task has a trickle-down effect by making your clients confident and happy to fulfill their larger fitness goals. 3. Use Personal Training Apps Apps for personal trainers are simple, powerful, and effective solutions to improve client motivation.

  • Do you have motivation to keep training?

  • Motivation to keep training does not come easy to all of us. If you檙e thinking about a career as a Personal Trainer, or are one already, it your job to inspire clients through positive reinforcement and smart training methods. Putting fire in the belly of a particularly stubborn or unmotivated client can be a difficult, but not impossible task.

  • What does it take to be a good personal trainer?

  • Training tomorrow’s fitness leaders… As a personal trainer, training a client is the easy part. Knowing your anatomy, exercise technique and instruction will become second nature after a while. The hard part is trying to figure out how to motivate your clients to show up to training, then being able to motivate them throughout their workout.

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