how to potty train an american eskimo puppy

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  • Are American Eskimo Dogs easy to potty train?

  • One of the many good things about training your American Eskimo is that he is a very intelligent dog who learns very quickly. Potty training him is less about struggle than it is about time. You may need to wait until he is at least 10 to 12 weeks of age or you will be wasting your time.

  • How to potty train a puppy?

  • Potty training: Know Your Pup. As you spend time with your puppy, learn your puppy love language. Just as some people prefer gifts, touch, or time spent together, puppies can be the same way. Some puppies love praise or pets, while others prefer treats. As you get to know your puppy, consider what reward your puppy loves the most.

  • How to train an Eskimo Eskimo to use a crate?

  • Training your Eskie to use his crate is far less about making him stay in a secured crate out of trouble and more about making it a home, at least to him. Be careful not to use time in the crate as a form of punishment. When you do that, you make it almost impossible to train your dog to see the crate as his den.

  • How can I train my puppy to be a good citizen?

  • There are tried-and-true methods for training your puppy, says Mary Burch, Ph.D., director of the AKC Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy programs. These include: Also, frequent walks outside help.

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