how to potty train rats

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The best way to potty train a rat is toplace a litter box in one of the cage corners. Then put pellets of feces in the litter box as soon as you notice your rat has done his/her needs outside of this designated container. Reward your rat when you notice pellets in the litter box.

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  • How to potty train a rat that won’t poop?

  • 5 Easy Steps to Potty Train Rats. 1 1. Finding the right litter box. The first step to a poop free cage is finding the right litter box. This is actually the easiest part as many … 2 2. Get Dirty. 3 3. Placing the litter box. 4 4. Positive Reinforcement. 5 5. Patience.

  • How to train a pet rat to use a litter box?

  • Take a small, shallow box and put it in the corner where your rat generally does his duty. If you use a plastic box it can easily be cleaned and will retain a faint potty smell that will help train your rat. Fill the litter box with a different type of litter or bedding than is used in the rest of the cage.

  • How do you train a rat to clean its cage?

  • For the first 2-3 weeks of training, give a treat every time the rat goes in that area of the cage. Tip: Good treats for rats include frozen peas, sunflower seeds, or nuts in their shells. Clean out the litterbox at least once a week. Once every week, empty the litter and droppings into the trash.

  • Where do rats go to the toilet?

  • Left to their own devices, almost all rat will choose a specific area of the cage to do their droppings. This is often one corner of the base of the cage, though it can sometimes be on a shelf or other piece of cage furniture. We had one group of rats who always went to the toilet in a planter hanging from the roof of the cage!

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