how to potty train shih tzu

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The Ringing Bell MethodShow your Shih Tzu puppy a bell he will ring to let you know when he needs to go potty. …Hang the bell near the door your Shih Tzu will use to get outside to go potty each time he needs to go.Take your Shih Tzu to the bell and ring it for him. Sit on the floor and train your pup to ring the bell himself.Keep practicing getting your Shih Tzu to ring the bell and give him a treat each time he gets the bell to ring.Once your Shih Tzu knows how to ring the bell,you檒l need to train him when to ring the bell and what he gets when he rings it.Your Shih Tzu will likely need to go potty soon after meals,right after waking from sleep,and throughout the day a few hours after his last trip outside.

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  • Is it hard to potty train an Older Shih Tzu?

  • If you live with an older dog do not despair, although in many ways potty training a Shih Tzu puppy is easier than training an older dog that has never been housebroken, all is not lost if you have a piddling older pooch. These simple steps taken as though every single dog is a new puppy will help.

  • How to house train a shih tzu puppy?

  • When it comes to house training your Shih Tzu puppy there are essentially four elements. Number one, supervise. Supervision is key, if your dog has an accident somewhere in the house and you miss it, you檝e missed a training opportunity.

  • How to teach a Shih Tzu to use a bell?

  • Your Shih Tzu should sniff the treat causing the bell to ring. When the bell rings, say a command you檇 like your dog to know such as 渂ell?or even otty.?Over time, he will connect ringing the bell with the action of getting outside to go potty. Step 4 Practice

  • Why does my Shih Tzu squat when potty training?

  • During Shih Tzu potty training your dog may use very brief attempts at communication. Just the briefest look and then a squat, this is a mixture of lack of established learning and lack of confidence because the dog requests have been previously missed. Sadly this is where a lot of potty training goes awry.

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