how to potty train twins

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Tips on potty training twins:Do some potty prep. About a week before P-day (the day the potties appear),start talking about what going to happen. Try potty-training activities,like reading books about potty training,and make a big deal out of heading to the store to pick out big-boy or big-girl underwear.

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  • How can I prepare my Twins for potty training?

  • Before actually beginning the potty training process, you can attempt to make it easier by preparing your twins for what’s to come. You can do this by reading children’s books about potty training and taking them shopping for fun new underwear. Are your twins ready for potty training?

  • Should twins be potty trained at the same time?

  • If one twins is ready to potty train, don hold him or her back just because the other isn. Not every child will be ready to train at the same time and that is okay. It can be easier to train one at a time. And seeing their sibling trained can be good encouragement to gain that ability too.

  • What is the hardest part of potty training Twins?

  • The hardest part of potty training is the lack of control. You can do this for your twins and accidents will happen. Patience is the key that makes all this work. If you keep cool, you will find success.

  • How many potty seats do I need for twins?

  • I think with twins they are the way to go. You are training two people, you need two places for them two go. You can go with one toddler potty and the regular toilet. But my twins tend to want what their sister has, which means it is best to have two training potties.

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