how to quit zwift training plan

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Zwift functions the same on all platforms. The same procedure should work for you. Find the summary tile for your training plan at the far left of the scroll menu when viewing the entire plan. You will find acancel buttonthere. Your instructions worked for me,thanks

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  • How do I cancel my Zwift training?

  • Hey @Marc_Nielsen, you can find the Cancel Plan option by viewing your Training Plan in Zwift, and scrolling one screen to the left of the first day. We have a walkthrough for this process in our Training Plans article under Canceling Your Training Plan.

  • How do I train with Zwift?

  • With 9 cycling plans and 3 running plans to choose from, you檒l be ready for any adventure. It like having a coach in your corner, always keeping you on track. Log in to Zwift. At the Start screen, tap TRAINING in the top right corner to open the updated training window.

  • What is the Zwift 101 Cycling Plan?

  • At just five workouts, the Zwift 101: Cycling plan is less of a structured training calendar and more of a quick introduction to Zwift workouts. The first couple of workouts will teach you the basics of power training and threshold zones, with a ramp test following to test your current level of fitness.

  • What are the most common training mistakes in Zwift?

  • 5 Training Mistakes for Zwift Riders to Avoid 1 # 1: No Easy Days. Simply put, you want to make your hard days hard, and your easy days easy. … 2 # 2: Miscalibrated Power. Serious Zwift training requires the use of a power meter. … 3 # 3: Not Replacing Your Sweat. … 4 # 4: Skipping Your Warmup or Cooldown. … 5 # 5: Junk Miles. …

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