how to rate a trainer

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  • How much should a personal trainer charge for a 30 minute class?

  • On average, personal trainers charge $25 to $50 per 30-minute session, $40 to $70 per hour session, and $60 to $100 per 90-minute session. Group fitness training starts at $35 per class. Get free estimates from personal trainers near you.

  • How do you calculate the cost of a training course?

  • Add staff wages that were spent during the course (cost) Add the opportunity cost of staff time spent during the course (cost) Measure the business improvement (e.g. measure the business impact of the telephone conversion rate before and after the training to arrive at net gains in financial terms)

  • How do you measure training effectiveness?

  • One measure of training effectiveness that often overlooked, even when using the best types of training evaluation methods, is the learning experience. Why does this matter?

  • How much do you charge for confidence training?

  • Confidence is a must when the inevitable question 淪o, how much do you charge??comes up. Including the 2 free sessions for paying up front, monthly brings your hourly rate to $53 per hour. However, this can normally be recouped as most clients will miss one or two sessions so the hourly rate is maintained at $60 per hour.

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