how to skip train ride in half life

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  • What was the point of the train ride in half-life?

  • The train ride at the start of Half-Life as well as the player’s path through the City 17 Trainstation at the start of Half-Life 2 were meant to reveal the story setting to the player.

  • Can you skip the beginning of Half Life 2?

  • Since Valve apparently didn’t bother adding Chapter select feature to the original Half-Life, there’s no way to normally select which chapter you wish to start the game from, This means you can’t normally skip the introduction chapter Inbound. Consequently, how do you unlock all chapters in Half Life 2?

  • What is the transit system in half-life?

  • The Transit System is prominently featured in Half-Life and its expansions. Black Mesa employees use it to travel from their dormitories to their workplace, do their laundry, entertain themselves in recreation areas, or eat in food courts.

  • How many train stations are there in Half Life 2?

  • Three trainstations are featured in Half-Life 2 and its episodes: the City 17 Trainstation and the Depot in Half-Life 2 and the Technical Trainstation in Episode One, although the Citadel also features a train depot. The Combine heavily use the existing railway.

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