how to survive pepper spray training

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  • How long does it take for pepper spray to stop stinging?

  • Though it’s impossible to cease breathing until the pepper spray no longer stings, which can be anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes, an individual can minimize its impact on his body by keeping his mouth shut while being sprayed. Many cadets will begin to cough and choke once they are sprayed.

  • Should you rub your eyes during pepper spray training?

  • Rubbing your eyes may provide a temporary relief, but can actually worsen the pain in the long run, as you may not only rub more pepper spray into your eyes, but the pressure you’re putting on your eyes will maximize the pepper spray’s contact as well. Most cadets know that the pepper spray training will cause them great burning and discomfort.

  • What happens if you get pepper spray in your mouth?

  • Many cadets will begin to cough and choke once they are sprayed. However, the more you cough and take big breaths in, the more you’ll allow the pepper spray into your mouth, throat and lungs.

  • How do you get pepper spray out of Your Eyes?

  • As your eyes tear up, the pepper spray will disperse through your tears. Therefore, if you can, you should allow yourself to tear up, which will naturally rid your eyes of the spray. To expedite the process you can always blink with more frequency or, if you can stand the pain, keep your eyes open for extended periods of time.

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