how to train a blue lacy puppy

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Training your Blue Lacy shouldstart from day one, avoiding any aversive or harsh training methods. These dogs are sensitive and will shut down if they sense frustration, so patience and calmness are key. Positive reinforcement training is a good start, but they also need to learn boundaries at an early age.

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  • What is a Blue Lacy dog used for?

  • It was originally used to herd and round up wild hogs for slaughter. The Blue Lacy was officially recognized by the Animal Research Foundation, and its breed standard can be found on the National Lacy Dog website. Blue Lacy dogs are still used as multipurpose ranch dogs today.

  • How hard is it to train a blue lacy?

  • Some dog breeds can be difficult to train and keep within certain behavioral boundaries; however, the Blue Lacy is very intelligent, extremely active, and eager to work. They are simply built to put in work and they are very efficient when working. There have a strong desire to please their owners.

  • What age is considered old for a Blue Lacy Dog?

  • Any dog that lives to the age of 16 is considered to have reached a ripe old age. Most dogs that are fortunate to live that long become lethargic and diseased; however, the Blue Lacy has been known to still be hunting and working at that age.

  • Where can I find a blue lacy for adoption?

  • The national rescue group for Blue Lacys, the The National Lacy Dog Association, can also provide online resources to help you find your new best friend. More Dog Breeds and Further Research Be sure to do your homework when choosing a dog breed.

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