how to train a coon dog

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To train a coon dog,strengthen the dog’s knowledge of the come command byrewarding the dog with affection,treats,or playtime when it runs to you when you call its name. If you want your coon hound to be able to follow scent,apply a synthetic raccoon scent to an old rag or toy,let the dog play with it,and hide the toy for the dog to find.

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  • How do you train a coonhound to be trained?

  • It is often helpful to let an older and more trained coonhound participate in training exercises with the untrained dog. This way, the dog will learn through mimicking the more experienced dog actions.

  • Can you train a coon dog to hunt raccoons?

  • How to Train a Coon Dog. Any dog trained to hunt raccoons can be called a coon dog. A well-trained coon dog can track the trail of a raccoon from pretty far away and your hunt will go much faster with a trained coon dog alongside of you. It’s important to start training your coon dog when it’s about five or six weeks old [source: Coby].

  • What is the best age to train a coon hunting dog?

  • Pup trainer: A pup trainer is an older and well-trained coon dog that will hunt with young coon dogs and teach them. To train coon hunting dogs, you should start when they are about 12 weeks old. This is the best time for establishing a regular habit for coonhounds to track preys. What are necessary to train coon hunting dogs?

  • How do you make a coon hide for a dog?

  • Attach the scented dummy or coon hide to a line or rope. Pull the line across your property, creating a scent trail. Do this while your dog is inside and cannot see you pulling the line. The trail will ultimately end at a tree, where you’ll hang the scent drag or carcass.

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