how to train a dog not to jump on you

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Here are our top tips for encouraging dogs not to jump on you when they greet you: Greet your dog very calmlyso they don get overly excited. Ignore your dog when he or she jumps. Make no eye contact with the dog, and do not speak until all four feet are on the floor. If needed, turn your back on your dog.

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  • How do I get my Dog to stop jumping on Me?

  • To put this in to practice don push your dog away if she jumps on you, rather, stand up, don make eye contact. If she still won stop jumping, then you need to turn away. The minute her paws hit the ground pat her and tell her she good.

  • How to train a dog not to jump when greeting you?

  • Training a dog not to jump as they are greeting you requires time and commitment. Like any other command, it will require repetition and dedication from you and your dog. Remember, your dog wants to be close to your face, so jumping is a natural greeting to them.

  • Why does my dog jump on me when I pet him?

  • Your dog may jump on you to greet you. He wants attention and affection and to be as close to you as possible. It is completely natural for dogs to get as close to us as possible while we are interacting with them. The trick with a jumping dog is to train him to greet you with all paws on the floor.

  • Should I let my dog jump on the doorbell?

  • While you檙e teaching your dog an appropriate greeting behavior, you need to manage their behavior so they don get the chance to practice jumping. For example, if your dog has a strong 淕o to Your Place?cue, you can send your dog to their mat or crate anytime the doorbell rings.

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