how to train a dog to track deer

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A dog either has an innate tracking instinct or he doesn. If he does, you need to teach him to focus on a specific track. With a puppy,start with a chunk of hot dog dipped in deer blood on the end of a long cane pole. This allows you to separate the track from your own footprints, which many pups are inclined to follow.

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  • How to track a deer with a dog?

  • Expose the dog to a deer’s scent. Scatter some drops of blood across the ground if you plan on your dog tracking wounded deer. If you want your dog to track running deer (not wounded), use a piece of deer hide (preferably from the leg section near the tarsal gland) to expose them to a deer’s scent. Step 4.

  • How do you train a dog to track?

  • As the dog matures, replace the hot dog with a deer leg and hoof, soaked in blood, and keep a squirt bottle of blood handy to sweeten the trail along the way. Create the tracks in woods with turns, creek crossings, and other obstacles. Wait several hours after creating a track before putting your dog on it, and practice at night with a headlamp.

  • How do I train my dog to hunt deer?

  • It is also best to start training the dog from the time it is three to six months old. Feed your dog a nutritional diet so that it will be in optimal health for hunting. Consult the resources section for guidelines on what to feed your dog, as well as the quantity of food your dog needs. Expose the dog to a deer’s scent.

  • How do you train a dachshund to track deer?

  • Directing your Dachshund to be focused on tracking deer will be the challenge. You can accomplish this by introducing deer scent and reinforcing it by pairing the scent with food. Dachshunds are notorious foodies and high value treats are always a good motivator.

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