how to train a ferret to be a service animal

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  • How do you train a ferret to come to you?

  • Let the ferret approach you and eat the treat so it begins to understand that it’s being rewarded for coming to you. You could use another command if you prefer. For example, say the animal’s name, or just call out the word 渢reats!?Train the ferret with the treat farther away from its face.

  • Can ferrets be service animals?

  • Jan Schmidt is the president of Paws for Friendship Inc., which is an animal-assisted therapy organization that has national and international chapters. In addition to dogs and cats, the organization certifies alternative service animals such as ferrets.

  • Are there any animals that are trained as service animals?

  • Other Animals Trained as Service Animals. There are many types of animals that are trained to assist those with disabilities. For example, Capuchin monkeys have been trained to help paralyzed individuals perform daily tasks and to be companions for their handlers.

  • Do ferrets make good pets for Animal-Assisted Therapy?

  • Many ferrets have traits that make them effective for animal-assisted therapy. To state a few, ferrets are small, easygoing, quiet, litter-trained, social and attentive. Ferrets transport easily, do not stress easily from travel, do not trigger allergies as much as other common furry pets and do well with limited outdoor access.

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