how to train a german shepherd to protect

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The Boundaries MethodSecure your German Shepherd puppy to a leash. You檙e going to walk them around the perimeter of the space you want them to protect.You also need to take your pup on the same walk each evening. This will further reinforce where their territory begins and ends.In the day time,tether your pup with a long leash in the space you want them to protect. …More items…

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  • How do you train a German Shepherd to attack?

  • Develop a strong personal bond with your dog, take him with you places, exercise and play together, train him to have a strong response to obedience commands. Put on thick dog attack gloves, tap your German shepherd on the face until he grabs the mit, provide the attack command 渁ttack?or another word used for that purpose.

  • How to take care of a young German Shepherd puppy?

  • Introduce a young German Shepherd to lots of people and various situations, take them on trips and expose your dog to other dogs and people. Teach your young dog firm obedience commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘down’, leave it’, and ‘come’.

  • Why are German shepherds so smart?

  • Because German Shepherds are natural guard dogs, bred to protect livestock, property and people, these dogs are naturally smart, independent thinkers, which comes from their herding heritage.

  • How do I train my dog to be a protection dog?

  • Your dog will need to be well socialized and have good obedience and manners prior to training. Protection dogs need lots of exercise to maintain peak physical performance and ongoing training and handling.

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