how to train a german shepherd with a shock collar

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  • Should you train your Doberman with a shock collar?

  • Dogs that are being trained for a variety of specialty jobs, especially ones that may put both the dog and handler in danger, can really benefit from training using a shock collar. Most of us aren training our dogs how to be bomb-sniffing dogs, or police or military dogs, though in these training applications shock collars are extensively used.

  • How do I get my Dog to wear a shock collar?

  • Let your dog get used to the collar first Let your dog wear the collar without any corrections. Shock collars feel different from other collars, so give your pup a chance to get comfortable wearing the tool. Show your dog the behavior you want

  • Can shock collars be used for Agile training?

  • Agility training often requires a handler to send quick signals to a dog and sometimes shouting these commands don work as effectively as the handler would like. Like with hunting training, shock collars can be used to give specific commands to dogs, without yelling, and in a quick manner.

  • How long does it take for a shock collar to work?

  • This is going to be a repetitive process and may take a few weeks. Use treats, specific words, and the shock collar to reinforce the behavior you want. Pretty soon, you can use just a cue on the shock collar to ask your dog to do a particular skill.

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