how to train a hog bay dog

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  • How do bay dogs hunt pigs?

  • Bay dogs need to locate a scent, track the pig, flush and chase it, then corner it while barking loudly to alert hunters of their location. Once a boar is located by bay dogs, hunters release catch dogs to incapacitate the boar.

  • How to train a dog to hunt boars?

  • This will necessitate locating and purchasing such a hog to help train your hog hunting dog. You will need a safe, contained area to work. While hunting boars in the wild, dogs will need to be safely and securely transported to the hunting site.

  • How do you train a dog to follow a pig?

  • Show the pig to your dog with the dog on a leash, when the dogs shows signs of aggression, praise the dog, then remove your dog. Repeat for a few days. Lead the pig around the wooded area to set a track. Wear rubber boots so the dog learns to follow the pig scent, and not yours.

  • How old do dogs have to be to hunt hogs?

  • Dogs used as bay or catch dogs wear protective equipment such as vests and neck protectors that protect their necks and vital organs. Dogs can start being trained to be hog dogs when they are 3-4 months of age but will need to reach maturity before being used in potentially dangerous boar hunts on wild hogs.

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