how to train a jack russell puppy

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  • How to train a Jack Russell Terrier to come home?

  • Jack Russell Terrier Training Tips 1 Begin training your Jack Russell Terrier early (not too early – your puppy’s breeder should not allow you to take a puppy home before it is 8 weeks of age). 2 You must be the dominant member of the household. … 3 Start training when the puppy comes home for the first time. 4 Be consistent! … More items…

  • What should I do with my Jack Russell puppy?

  • Well, besides being a well-behaved and polite puppy, you might consider involving yourself in a Dog Sports or Training Club. Or perhaps teaching your Jack Russell puppy all the good stuff like agility, flyball, hoopers or trick training to impress fellow park-goers.

  • What are the basic training commands for a Jack Russell?

  • Basic training commands for your Jack Russell will typically include the following: Others who have trained dogs in the past may throw in intermediate commands such as shake as well. However, the primary 4 above is a great place to start with your Jack Russell to get a basic routine, obedience, and socialization.

  • Is a Jack Russell the right dog for You?

  • If you determine that Jack Russel is the right dog for you, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time training him to ensure that he accepts you as the dominant one. If you don start training a Jack Russell from the very first day he comes into your life, you will have problems getting him to obey some of the most very basic commands.

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