how to train a kitten not to scratch you

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Watch and Learn Your Kitten Behavior. The first step in training your feline friend,not to scratch entails observing your kitten behaviour including her scratching patterns.Give Your Kitten Alternative Scratching Spots. Cats scratch different objects naturally,as a way of marking their territory,stretching their bodies and removing the dead outer layer from their claws.Trimming Your Kitten Claws. Finally,to reduce your kitten spontaneous scratching patterns,consider trimming her claws,especially if they are overgrown.

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  • Can I teach my cat not to scratch objects?

  • It is almost impossible for a cat not to scratch objects. However, you can teach your cat what to scratch and what not to. A good idea of training your kitten is by erecting a scratching post near their previous scratching spots.

  • How do I Stop my kitten from scratching everything?

  • To teach your kitten not to scratch clothes and furniture, give it a scratching post. If the cat scratches something other than the post, gently spray it with water to get it away from that area immediately. For more advice from our Veterinary reviewer, including how to clicker train your kitten, keep reading!

  • How to stop your cat from scratching your sofa?

  • There are also sofa scratchers in the form of scratching posts and scratch pads that work to protect your sofa even if your cat scratches on them. These may make it unnecessary to train your cat to stop scratching in specific places, as your furniture is protected.

  • Why won my Cat use a scratching post?

  • If you檝e got a lightweight scratching post made of cardboard, you檙e likely going to have to weigh that thing down, otherwise chances are your cat is never going to use it. Cats want to be able to scratch without the object they檙e scratching moving ?so therein lies your issue.

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