how to train a pomeranian puppy not to bark

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As cruel as it sounds,ignore your Pomeranian puppy barking and use positive reinforcement t o reward silence:Wait until your Pomeranian puppy stops barking,even for a few seconds.Praise and reward with a tasty treat.Be persistent. Eventually,your Pom will understand that being quiet equals tasty treats and attention.

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  • Do Pomeranians bark a lot?

  • Pomeranians are descended from watchdogs and they take their jobs very seriously, which is why it is so important to train your Pomeranian puppy to not bark from an early age. The main thing to keep in mind while working on this behavior is you can’t expect your dog to stop barking altogether. Barking for dogs is the same as talking for humans.

  • How do I Stop my Pomeranian puppy Barking?

  • Your Pom puppy may stop for a moment in reaction to your correction and then go right back to barking. Keep up your invisible wall until your pup completely relaxes and recognizes that barking is not the right move.

  • How to train a puppy not to bark?

  • The first step to train your puppy not to bark is to make them bark. Knock on the door or the wall and let your puppy bark a few times before intervening. Remember, you are not trying to stop barking altogether, but limit excessive barking.

  • How to train a Pomeranian puppy to be quiet?

  • So, here how to teach the quiet command: Use the doorbell or another barking trigger. The moment your Pom starts barking, say 渟peak?and give them a treat. Keep practicing until your Pomeranian masters the command. Tell your Pomeranian puppy to bark, then say, 淏e quiet,?and place a treat beneath your Pomeranian nose.

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